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Johnny Vampotna (b. 1980, LA) is a painter and tattoo artist based in Los Angeles. Since 2007 Johnny has traveled to San Francisco, New York, Olso, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Limerick,
and Berlin as a featured guest of the most distinguished tattoo parlors in the world.

His tattoo work is rooted in neo-traditional flash imagery and a color-layering technique that allows the image to age gracefully along with the skin the bears it.
Like an architect creating buildings to create beautiful ruins, decay as transformation is a salient theme in his work.

Vampotna's painting practice further refracts tattoo-based imagery in various mediums. Anchored by this uniquely American iconography, the work highlights the interplay between formal and material possibilites. Slicked and glistening on canvas, or ghostly and bleeding watercolor on found papers, figures are layered, saturated, and often coupled with sharp geometric forms. Recent work extends this imagery onto functional decorative objects, creating oblique narratives with a nod to ancient Greek pottery. The pin-up as a pictogram of longing is a versatile recurring image.

Johnny Vampotna has exhibited at Gallery 1988, Meltdown Gallery, WWA Gallery, and was included in Juxtapoz Magazine's 2014 'Psychedelic' exhibition.
His solo show "Ghost Noir" debuted at Slow Culture Gallery in Highland Park in 2013.

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